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Exceptional tastes make life beautiful…

NG Sapanca Enjoy appeals to the taste of all its guests with its taste points. It adds a new dimension to the gastronomy with various tastes from Turkish and world cuisines and special concept restaurants full of green areas. 

Ihlamur (Linden) main Restaurant

Be ready to experience the flavors prepared by our talented chefs to appeal to your taste. Bringing the most remarkable dishes together with the best presentations, Ihlamur Restaurant offers its guests an unforgettable feast.

Safran (Saffron) A la Carte Restaurant

Well-selected tastes of Turkish and world cuisine await you on the menu of Safran A la Carte Restaurant. Unique flavors created by expert chefs meet with eye-catching presentations and leave an unforgettable taste on your tongue.

Lavanta (Lavender) Pool Restaurant

There is nothing like having a nice chat by the pool with your loved ones while enjoying your meal… You will make the most of every moment you spend at Lavender Pool Restaurant.

Melisa (Melissa) Silent Saloon

Melisa Silent Saloon is a paradise for those who love silence. Offering a peaceful environment for our guests who want to spend their time relaxing in silence, Melisa Silent Saloon presents unique flavors to your taste.

Sports Bar

Fascinating with its concept and design, Sports Bar is an excellent place for those who want to watch sports broadcasts all day long uninterruptedly.

Ice Cream Shop

Various flavors of ice cream that conquer the hearts of people of all ages are served in the Ice Cream Shop with the privilege of NG Sapanca Enjoy.