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The healing power of Aliva SPA is supported by expert therapists' healing methods that renew the soul and body and the world's various SPA cultures. We renew ourselves daily with our innovative perspective and privileged services, with the responsibility of being the first hotel that comes to mind when you speak of 'SPA Hotel.'
    • Sports Massage

      Our guests' particular preference to activate muscles before sports and relieve them afterward.

    • Lymph Drainage Massage

      This unique technique accelerates blood circulation with lymph drainage massage applied to lymph node areas. It is the healthiest choice to facilitate the discharge of edema and toxins accumulated in the body and strengthen the immune system.

    • Anti-cellulite Massage

      This massage technique combines with a cure application to visibly improve cellulite areas. It also supports slimming with its regional effects.

    • Reflexology Massage

      It is also known as Point Therapy, applied to the feet with special hand techniques to maintain and improve body balance. It dissolves blocked energies in the body and balances physical and spiritual lives thanks to ensuring the free flow of energy.

    • Shiatsu Massage

      This therapy method is applied with fingers, elbows, and hand pressure techniques. It is an original option for our guests who want to improve their immune systems and meet new massage techniques.

    • Swedish Massage

      The Swedish Massage revitalizes the cell tissues and balances blood circulation. It gives visible results and brightens the skin color.

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    • Shirodhara

      Shirodhara massage is the first choice for our guests who suffer from headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. It is applied with slow and steady movements with the help of warm ayurvedic oil. It rejuvenates and gives energy as the most effective and right choice to relieve headaches.

    • Abhyanga

      Abhyanga accelerates and activates blood circulation by ensuring the emission of harmful substances accumulated in the body. The traditional health therapy of India, Abhyanga, is a worldwide known trendy therapy method of recent years.

    • Abhyanga Synchronic (Four Hands)

      Performed by two expert therapists synchronized with four hands, Abhyanga Synchronic is one of the oldest Ayurveda tradition techniques, the best choice for our guests seeking a unique and different healing experience.

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    • Traditional Balinese Massage

      It aims to regulate the energy flow and balance the body with moderate pressure applied to the reflex points on the body. Traditional Balinese Massage is one of the most distinguished therapy methods of the Far East and is widely sought after worldwide.

    • Balinese Head, Neck, And Shoulder Massage

      This traditional massage technique is applied to the head, neck, and shoulder areas to bring balance to the body effectively. The method relieves the stress of modern life and is one of the most ancient therapy methods of the Far East.

    • Balinese Leg And Foot Massage

      It is especially applied to the legs and feet to relieve the pain caused by standing for a long time and fatigue. It improves the balance level of the body.

    • Traditional Thai Massage

      Traditional Thai Massage takes its key concept from Ancient Chinese medicine and the yoga culture of India. It is applied with stretching and pressure techniques on a floor mat.

    • Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

      It is a special massage used to be applied to the kings as a temple massage by traditional Kahuna Healers of the Hawaiian Islands. It relaxes the soul and body and reveals positive energy.

    • Balinese Mandara (Four-hand) Massage

      It is best for our guests who want to relieve stress and get an authentic massage experience. Balinese Mandara is a traditional massage technique applied by two synchronized male and female therapists.

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    • Prenatal Massage

      Prenatal Massage is effective for pregnancy health. It is a unique choice for pregnant guests with its calming and relaxing effects.

    • Aliva Aromatherapy

      Aromatherapy oils obtained from natural plant and flower extracts and base oil are used in Alive Aromatherapy for a fascinating experience with its fragrant relaxing effect and relaxing massage techniques.

    • Hot Stone Massage

      Hot Stone Massage relieves the blocked energy with rounded and hot volcanic stones. It is one of the most preferred massage techniques in the world that regulates the energy flow, reduces anxiety, and gives peace and tranquility.

    • Aliva Touch

      In Aliva Touch massage, expert therapists apply a region-specific treatment to provide a matchless relaxation experience while relieving joint and muscle pain.

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Your skin's needs are determined by the world's elite SPA cosmetic brands, such as Sothy's, Sjal, Aura Chake, and Environ. And the most accurate care techniques are applied at NG Sapanca.
    • Parafine Care

      It protects and gives an eye-catching color to dry and worn skin structures with a long-lasting softness and healthy moisture rate.

    • Sultan's Bath Pleasure

      This moisture-balancing care is applied with the Turkish bath's excitement to increase the skin's softness with a foam massage and nourish it at its best.

    • Harem Ritual

      Harem Ritual is the most traditional way of beauty care, moisturizing the body with scrub and foam massage and enriching the skin for a refreshing glow.

    • Foot Massage

      Experts apply exclusive foot peeling to give softness and smoothness to your feet after rinsing with rose water.

    • Regenerating Peeling

      Peeling options of coffee pleasure, fruit extracts, and golden glow purify dead cells' skin and balance moisture for a brighter and healthier look.

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    • Cleopatra Care

      Extensive care for the soul with aromatic scents and mineral foams in the Jacuzzi of the suite room.

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    • Basic Skincare

      A professional team and exclusive products apply Basic Skincare for typical skin types. It gives glow and softness to the skin by purifying and renewing dead cells.

    • Seasonal Skincare

      Seasonal Skincare is specially developed for skin dryness and flaking experienced during seasonal changes. It is the most effective skincare method with its anti-aging exotic fruit extracts.

    • Cleansing Care For Oily Skin

      Cleansing care is specially developed for oily skin types for a glamorous look following deep cleansing and purification steps.

    • Sensitive Skincare

      Special Skincare is applied on sensitive skin with an exclusively developed mask to relieve our guests from sensitive and allergic skin and capillary problems.

    • Intensive Moisturizing Skincare

      This nourishing Skincare is applied with the regenerating effect of lotus flower milk, silk proteins' moisturizing features, and aloe vera's healing power. It ensures the skin's moisture balance and provides a fresh and youthful look.

    • Skincare For Men

      This skincare technique is explicitly developed for the male skin type. It provides moisture balance against the dryness of the skin and eliminates skin-related problems like redness and irritation after shaving.

    • Anti-aging Skincare

      Anti-Aging Skincare takes advantage of the rejuvenating power of vitamin C on mature skin to prevent wrinkles and give a tighter appearance.

    • Skincare For Removing Lines

      By eliminating thin lines and irregular color tones on the skin, this massage gives a brighter, younger, and tighter skin appearance.

    • Regenerating Eye And Lip Care

      Regenerating Eye and Lip Care removes the lines around the eyes and lips with a special moisture supplement, giving a smooth and fresh appearance with its anti-wrinkle effect. Applying eye and lip care with basic care is indispensable for holistic beautification.

    • Aliva Secret Skincare

      Aliva SPA experts specially develop Aliva Secret Skincare to refresh pale skin and give a special radiant appearance with intensive techniques.

    • Lymphobiony Skincare

      Lymphobiony Skincare provides an anti-aging effect with its detoxifying method. It is suitable for all skin types, including young and mature.

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