Our Quality Policy

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· Determine the wishes, expectations, needs, and complaints of our guests; plan and ensure the services in this direction,

· Provide our products and services with the awareness that we are responsible for the quality of all the activities we carry out,

· Serve with brand standards and maintain an approach to correct the errors that might arise immediately,

· Increase the understanding of quality, guest orientation, and the importance given to the environment; ensure occupational safety and food safety; provide training and education tools that will enable our employees to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to do their jobs consciously, correctly, and safely,

· Serve in an environment-friendly manner in hygienic and appropriate environments where food and occupational health and safety are ensured under legal regulations and conditions; in cases outside the scope of laws and regulations, research and apply the most appropriate science-based solutions in line with our know-how and experience,

· With the help of the Energy Management System, relevant action plans and steps to be taken have been created and implemented within ISO 50001 Energy Management System standards, considering the legal regulations that hotels must comply with. Performance data in this direction are continuously monitored. The energy policy was determined in consultation with the support of the senior management. NG Hotels’ energy policy includes monitoring the development of energy performance even from a minimum level, aiming for continuous improvement, and acting under the legal regulations related to the hotel.

· It is planned to implement and continuously improve a proactive energy management system based on sustainable development. In this context, it is aimed to:

o Use energy and natural resources efficiently,

o Use environmentally and energy-friendly products in equipment purchases,

o Save energy and reduce the consumption of natural resources by making efficiency-enhancing improvements in existing processes and systems,

o Continuously improve energy performance through the design and supply of energy-efficient products, processes, and services,

o Provide and continuously review adequate resources in terms of knowledge, expertise, and economic issues to achieve energy-related objectives,

o Comply with legal and other requirements related to the use and consumption of energy efficiency,

o Raise awareness of all stakeholders on renewable energy and climate change,

o Ensure continuous improvement of the energy management system by developing energy efficiency projects,

o Use energy resources consciously without wasting and raise awareness of the personnel on this issue; continuously monitor and improve energy performance,

o Research and apply the most appropriate scientific solutions according to our knowledge and experience in situations that are outside the scope of laws and regulations,

· Serve our products and services without wasting resources and without harming the environment,

· Constantly try to understand our relationship with the environment better and take the necessary technical and economic measures to avoid any adverse effects,

· Identify Environmental, Occupational Health, and Safety risks and make continuous efforts to minimize them; ensure that appropriate emergency plans are in place to deal with unforeseen events,

· Carry out working on the health and safety of our employees as management. Eliminate OHS hazards; reduce risks,

· Demand high-quality, environmentally reliable, and safe business conduct from our business partners,

· Determine measurable objectives regarding the performance of Environment, Energy Management, Occupational Health, and Safety; follow the developments achieved for these purposes comparatively, and regularly review our activities,

· Create a working environment that holds our employees and business partners fully responsible for the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety, Energy, and Food Safety principles and encourages all employees to express their concerns on these principles,

· Obtain the opinions of our employees and ensure their participation to ensure Occupational Health and Safety, Food Safety, and Energy Management,

· Make activities that affect quality measurable; ensure continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System by evaluating the results.